Thursday, 4 December 2008

Christmas is Coming!

Well in honour of Christmas coming I decided to redo my Blogger Header with a picture of my son and Mother-in-Law helping out with the traditional Cup Day weekend Christmas Pudding baking day. Every year we get together on this day and make our pudding which then have to boil for 6 hours and hang for six weeks. I love this photo it shows how cooking can help to keep together family traditions. Since my Nana got too old to make the pudding i have taken over and my Mother-in-Law joined me about five years ago, now my son is coming on board as well. I am grooming him so that he is domesticated and a handy cook! If you want the recipe it is in this blog under Christmas but I have to tell you if you are reading this then you are too late as it is not enough hanging time so you will have to go for the good old steamed pudding not quite as good but an acceptable alternative! Just get in gear for next year!

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