Sunday, 26 July 2009

Greek Night

Last night I had a Greek Night with a few friends round for dinner. Because not only do I love to eat Greek food I also like to cook it as well. I find it quite easy to cook and ever so moreish to eat!! So here was my menu (hope you can read Greek!) and if you click on the food item it will link you to the recipe.

Trio of dips
- Melitzanosalata (Eggplant)
- Tzatziki (Yoghurt and Cucumber)
- Taramolsalata (Caviar)
Horiatiko Psomi (Crusty Country Bread)
Saganaki (Friend Keflagraveria Cheese)

Slow Cooked Greek Lamb
Horiatiki Salata (Country Salad)

Loukoumathes (Honey and Walnut Doughnuts)
Galaktoboureko (Custard Filled Phillo Pastry)

It was a wonderful night and we all went to bed very sated, and as full as can be, there was no more room for any kind of food Greek or otherwise!