Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Bread Crumbs!!

Well it's that time of the year again and I thought I would show you exactly how I spent my Sunday afternoon! Yes they are piles and piles of breadcrumbs! It is of course Pudding Day on Cup Day and I asked Russell to drop in and get me two bags of day old bread from our local bakery to crumb. I think I seem to forget each year exactly how much stale bread a 20kg flour bag can hold! So I have spent the last two hours crumbing and bagging all the bread crumbs for The Pudding, and Dad's Diabetic Pudding and the Cranberry Stuffing Balls I make for Christmas. It is a great feeling though reminds you that Christmas is not that far away at all, and I am glad of that I love Christmas time! I am also very organised this year with only two Christmas presents outstanding and the rest bought and wrapped sitting in my lounge! Ah now do you feel inadequate?? Don't I just love to be organised! It makes me feel good and gives me more time to do what I love.......Christmas cooking! Roll on pudding day!

PS - it turned into 9.5kg of bread crumbs, and I here you say "That's a lot of Cranberry Stuffing Balls!"

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