Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Cook Book Fever

I must admit to being very slack lately with my recipe blogging so I will try and get a few in today! Have been very much into the buying and reading of new cook books since Christmas, browsing their fabulous pages and drooling over the recipes that I intend to try. I think I am suffering from Cook Book Fever! Here is a list of my recent purchases / gifts.........
  • The Helenic Heart - George Calombaris
  • Cook with Jamie - Jamie Oliver
  • Feed Me Now - Bill Granger
  • Master Chef 2009
  • Crunch Time Cookbook - Michelle Bridges
  • Woman's Weekly Slow Cooking
  • My Family Table - Julie Goodwin
I know a vast list but each and every one was worth it! I am especially liking the Woman's Weekly Slow Cooking. I dragged out the forgotten slow cooker and am busy working my way through the recipes. The advantages to a sloe cooker is that you can get it going and then there is basically nothing to do come dinner time. The down side is that you simply move the dinner preparation to the morning instead! See there is no way to escape the task. So now I will blog some of my most favourite recipes!

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