Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Mini Chef takes on BIG cake

My 5 year old son has really been a fan of Masterchef and has loved the new series Junior Masterchef, so much so that he is now begging me to learn how to cook! So I sat down and thought where on earth do you start with a 5 year old? Not only do they need to learn the basics like how to sift, crack an egg, line and grease a pan etc... but they also need to learn such things as oven and stove safety, and how to cut safely with a sharp knife. But he is so excited that I can't say no and I must admit that I am marveling at those Junior Mastechef kids and wondering if one day my son might be able to cook like them. He certainly loves food and is pretty much willing to try anything once, although after that try he has some very definite opinions!
Anyway all that aside he requested that we start with the Donna Hay Four Tier Chocolate Layer Cake that they made in the pressure test on Sunday night, I was a little dubious, but do you know what he did really well and we learnt a lot along the way like measuring (how many quarter cups are in a whole cup etc..), oven and stove safety, cracking eggs, and greasing and lining.
So given that as you can see by the photo it was a great success I am going to just be guided by him, what he would like to learn to cook and maybe just a give a few ideas when I think we might be stuck baking to many sweet things! Although that being said the next lesson that has been requested is sausage rolls. So stay tuned for how they are going to work out. I also have started a cooking journal for him we stick in the recipe we followed, he writes the name of the dish on the top of the page, we take photos and stick them in and Mummy writes in the skills that we learnt that lesson.
And one last thing........that chocolate cake is to die for and check out those perfect layers!

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