Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Lesson 3 - Lemon Tarts

See that big grin on Mr Moo's face? Well that is because he just finished another cooking lesson with Mummy, what did we cook today? Lemon Tarts of course! One because Mr Moo loves lemon flavoured anything (yes strange for a five year old) and Mummy loves tarts! I must admit we did find the pastry section of the recipe a little challenging and he did lose interest for a bit while Mummy tried to work with the crumbling pastry wondering all the time why she didn't just get frozen stuff!
But it wouldn't be a proper education if somewhere along the line we didn't get into the horrors of making out own pastry. That being said we won't venture there again for a while it was way beyond his skills and frankly almost beyond mine!
But let me tell you those lemon tarts were great, tangy and strong in lemon flavour just the way I like them. I really don't like those things bakeries call lemon tarts that are really custard tarts with a drop of lemon thrown in, too creamy not just lemony!
I also have to say that my most favourite lemon tart comes from a high class supermarket called Leo's Fine Foods there is one in Heidelberg and one in Kew and they have a beautiful large lemon tart, it as about $20 so as far as tarts go not that expensive but the flavour is Divine, just totally Divine!

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