Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Lesson 8 - Pffernusse

I think this lesson must have been his favourite! He just loved these yummy little biscuits and was eating them as soon as they hit the cooling racks, and then popping them in a box to take to kinder the next day for snack time. He ate so many that poor Daddy completely missed out! So I am on notice to cook more before Christmas.
I have posted this recipe on my blog here almost a year ago now and decided to whip it out for Mr Moo to make as a lesson and as Christmas gifts. The gifts part never quite eventuated as they somehow just disappeared!
So for those of you who don't know they are German for 'pepper nuts' and are spicy little biscuits that if you make quite small are just as addictive as a bowl of nuts sitting at the bar (Mr Moo is testament to that!). If you like gingerbread you will love these, they are easier to make, require no cookie cutters and keep for weeks or can be frozen, now what more could you want?!
Whip some up for Christmas today, I have a batch prepared for tomorrow!

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